According to the Japanese fans who sat near/around Benedict when they watched the STID together (translated from Twitter and other SNS sites) :

- As Benedict sat down in his seat (together with his manager and another staff member), he said “hey, hello~” to the fans near him.
- Benedict smelled like pretty strong yet fresh floral scented perfume.
- To the fans who were more focused on him than the movie (can you blame?), he said, very nicely, to watch the movie, not him, silently pointing out the screen.
- Even though it was Benedict’s third time watching the film, he seemed to enjoy the movie very much, constantly laughing out loud.
- Benedict would laugh out loud at scenes where Simon Pegg appeared… and some other scenes the Japanese didn’t particularly find funny.
- Benedict took off his jacket during the movie, wrapped it around and kept under his arm.
- Benedict apparently ate A LOT OF CARAMEL POPCORNS and pretty much finished the whole bucket. And also beer.
- After the movie, Benedict cleaned after himself, putting used tissues, plastic water bottle, etc. into the seemingly completely empty popcorn bucket. (Attached pictures - I collected these pics from the credited site; please let me know if these belong to you and you’d like to have them taken down or be credited otherwise!)

Other behind stories told by the Japanese fans at the special movie preview event :

- During the Q&A, one fan said how nervous she was.  Benedict told her to follow him in breathing in and out slowly. Subsequently everybody in the theater followed him breathing in and out together.
- For the Q&A session, the organizer called out the fans by seat numbers as there were so many of them. Benedict pointed out it’s weird to call a person by a number and asked for their names.
- When asked how he maintained such a beautiful voice, he answered “well this is my trademark.  Whiskey and cigarette are required.  My voice didn’t change when teenager, so I played a girl when I was even 14.”
- When asked what he would have for dinner that night, he answered “popcorn and sushi.” (well he did eat a lot of popcorns…)
- When asked what he would like to get for birthday present, Benedict answered he’d like time to spend with family and friends. Then, he corrected he actually wanted golf clubs. Then, he re-corrected that he actually really wanted a vacation and time to sleep.
- Benedict said that he is so happy to receive this cake, that he would remember this moment forever, and that he’s actually 32, lol
- When a Japanese fan shouted “don’t go back to England!” Benedict said people would be enraged as Sherlock wouldn’t air then.
- During the birthday cake ceremony at the movie screening with fans, a Japanese man* in Spock costume brought out the cake to surprise-celebrate his birthday. Benedict said he didn’t go along too well with Spock in the movie, and maybe he put poison in the cake. (*BTW, the Japanese man in Spock costume is a rather famous Japanese comedian named Tanaka Naoki, a member of combi group Kokoriko.)
- Benedict had only seen the STID only twice before the movie event in Japan. He voluntarily watched the film with the fans at the third preview session, as it was probably the last time he’d be seeing the movie.
- Benedict wanted to go pee before the movie started.  By the organizer’s mistake, they had to cut down one question (out of three).  Benedict offered to not go to the bathroom and take one more question instead.

Credit: DCinside Etc_Entertainment Gallery & DCinside England_Drama Gallery

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